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      • eSSD

        High stability and high integrated mass storage eSSD

        Compliance with SATA3.0 standard, adopt SATAIII 6.0Gbps interface, compatible with 6.0Gbps /3.0Gbps/1.5 Gbps,

        The package size of 314-ball BGA is 30.0 mm * 40.0 mm * 3.0 mm. The chip adopts SIP technology and supports 256 GB ~ 1 TB capacity .

        The package size of 104-ball BGA is 14.0 mm * 18.0 mm * 1.8 mm. The chip adopts multi wafer packaging technology and supports 32 GB ~ 128 GB capacity. Compared with  traditional SSD, the size of eSSD is smaller, the single chip capacity is larger, and the reliability is higher.Its compact size is to reduce the equipment loading and enables design more flexible.

        Rugged laptop


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